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File-Organization is more necessary than ever before.

The famous space scientist of NASA, Wernher von Braun said:

"We are able to overcome gravity,
but the paper load is overwhelming us."

file order

This remark shows, that it is high time for a File-Organization System to avoid that overwhelming paper load and to adopt novel time and space saving systems.

So easy could it be, to work with this file-organization. We want you to show this little movie about the CLASSEI. He is self-explanatory.

Over hundredtwenty years old file binders and suspension files are no more adapted to do the job. What you need is a Ultra Quick Filing, Easy Retrieving and Paper Flow System, a Records Management System that puts your paper instantly in a neat order at your work station, even before you begin to do anything with your procedures. Appointment-station

By that we mean that you need a filing system which is ultra simple and ultra quick so that you can file away all incoming papers immediately without additional bother. It follows that you will have a neat desk with no accumulation of papers. Your records will be organized in such a way that all papers will be at your fingertips at your desk.

You can see here the Basic Elements and a Quick Tour(PDF-File) or Classei on action on the next page.

Excuse please that some text is still in German. But we are sure that you will make sense out of it

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